Our Dutch student Amarins Rozendal has truly astounded everyone! Here is her story.

Amarins joined PIE Academy in January 2022 only to astound everyone with her eagerness to learn and her progress through the coursework. Not only did she finish 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Math, but she also managed to complete the entire 8th grade curriculum in a matter of 5 months! Born July 2010 to Inge and Hendrik, Amarins Rozendal is a darling, intelligent, and vivacious young lady who quickly gains the acceptance and adoration of everyone she comes in contact with.

PIE Academy had the pleasure of getting feedback from Amarins and her parents, and here is what they had to say:

Amarins Rozendal

Why did you start studying at PIE Academy?

The regular school was too overwhelming. My grades and motivation were dropping and while my grades dropped more, my motivation was dropping even more which made it worse. Most classes were boring and I didn't feel that I was learning anything useful. There was so much repetition. The schedule and content were very rigid.

I chose Pie because it was the best online school we could find. I would be able to skip a grade (often class material was too easy) and I was able to pick my own class schedule (what to do when in what order). It was a very hard decision to make though to switch to a completely online school. I felt that I had a lot to prove after dropping grades at my old school.

What are you most proud of? How fast I am going. At this pace, I will probably finish high school at age 14, maybe 15. I am really happy that I am being taken seriously. In the beginning, I was scared that Pie Academy wouldn't trust my pace and grades, but they did and made me feel proud of my accomplishments. They have a lot of trust in me where I was often doubted before. When I sometimes really did my best, one teacher often questioned if I had done the work myself. Can you tell us more about the graduation ceremony? I felt really awkward. I was super happy and proud, but it was also very odd. 6 months ago, my grades were dropping and now I finished grade 8 with all A's, and I also already completed my first high school courses. I always looked up to grade 8 students and now I suddenly finished it myself. But I was very grateful that this ceremony was organized for me. I felt acknowledged for my accomplishments which was great.

Why should anyone choose PIE Academy? It gives you the opportunity to steer your own learning. You can create your own routine: when to start, when to have breaks, and you can even do school while traveling. Being in charge of my routine is very important for me. Are there any downsides? I miss the social aspect of a regular school. We found some solutions like online and offline clubs that I join. But I do not see my friends on a daily basis as I did before.

Hendrik and Inge Rozendal

Why did you choose PIE Academy?

We both work in education and never really questioned its format. However, right from the start, we saw that Amarins didn't fit into our Dutch educational system. S